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Monday, 10 February 2020 13:32

We are now offering full CCTV installations.

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Full CCTV systems installed In conjunction with our sister company (Caretaking Support Services) CSS Buxton Building Maintenance Engineers.

Our 4 camera kit and DVR starting at £299 fitted.

For full details see our CCTV page >>>

Monday, 04 July 2016 09:54

Portable Appliance Testing

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PAT Testing180

PAT Testing Service now available


  • Schools
  • Care Homes
  • Shops
  • Letting properties
  • Small & Large Businesses
  • Construction Site
  • Garages
  • Private Homes

Microwave Oven leakage tests all so carried out

Fast, reliable, professional qualified service

Contact me to discuss your needs >>>

Here is a solution that seems to work on most devices

  1. Load up Netflix and go to the main screen
  2. On your remote, use the directional arrow keys to enter this combination: Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, Up Up, Up Up, Up
  3. (That's 2 Ups, 2 Downs, Left - Right 2 times, then 5 Ups)
  4. You should get the following (or similar) dialog popping up, with an option to Deactivate this Netflix device
  5. Go ahead and do so
  6. Then just re-enter your Netflix login and password after re-opening the app

Solution courtesy of GEEK DROP

This morning I went to a local clients house to setup his new LG Smart TV, all was going as norm until we tried to register the TV for firmware and app upgrades.
For some reason the email address which he has used for 4 years has now been blocked as it is a “FREE Mail account” Sure enough a quick check on Sender Base confirmed this mail box has indeed been blocked.

As the client had no other email address I had to set him up a homenetwork.email address which solved the problem.

If you also find issues setting up Smart TV’s or have problems with your email being blocked/continuously being sent to the spam folder of recipients I may be able to help.

Get in touch


Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:00

BBC retires its iPlayer diagnostic speed test tool

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The BBC iPlayer speed checker was a useful tool for those chasing to see how their connection might perform for video streaming, but alas the tool appears to have been retired and looks set to be replaced by a table showing what speeds different types of iPlayer content will require.

As a general guide for internet speeds I use Speed Test this is a great test for a quick benchmark but lacks a little of the finer details.

Example of Speed Test .NET results


The other speed test which I use for more detailed info is think broadbands flash based test, it provides quite a lot more ino

Example of a think broadband test

My Broadband Speed Test

I have provided links to both test websites in the Useful Links section.

Try them both and see the difference.

Sunday, 18 May 2014 00:00

iTunes Library Recovery

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iTunes Library Recovery

Have you ever lost your iTunes library from your computer or laptop?

I’m sure like me many people have, songs, apps movies purchased from the iTunes store are easily recovered from iTunes themselves but it’s the albums and songs you have spent hours installing from cd, media devices, tapes and vinyl
(Yes I just said vinyl in 2014)

Well I may just be able to help; I can restore your library directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

If your library was located on a windows machine and is now gone give me a call

I may be able to save you hours of work.....

Sunday, 18 May 2014 00:00

Facebook and Twitter accounts

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Home Network & WiFi Solutions will now the sharing the Multi Media Live Facebook and Twitter feeds.
This has been done to save time and reduce replicated post's.

The Multi Media Live Blog will still be run separately as it offers different information for web developers and designers, also FREE nifty tools and programs (worth a visit)

You can still contact me via the links on both websites



Saturday, 17 May 2014 00:00


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Hello and welcome to my new website.

I will be adding more content in the next few weeks.

The content will be Home and small network related including Home WiFi.

I often review new equipment related to networking and the odd device connected to on-line gaming.

Check back soon to see what’s new.



  • SKY+ & HD
  • iTunes Services
  • Home Network
  • PAT Testing

Sky Wi-Fi Booster

Extend your Wi-Fi signal even further with a Sky Wireless Booster
Having problems setting up your booster? Give me a Call I can help


On Demand Connector

Gives you the freedom to connect to On Demand wirelessly.
Having problems setting up your connector? Give me a Call I can help

iTunes Library Recovery

lost your iTunes library from your computer or laptop? I may be able to save you hours of work.....
Give me a Call I can help


iTunes Server & Backup

Share and stream your iTunes over your own media server & keep it backed up securely
Give me a Call I have the solution

Expand your home Wi-Fi Network

Add an extra wireless router into your network with dual band 5Ghz & 2.4Ghz channels
Give me a Call I have the solution


Expand your home LAN Network

Powerline adapters can increase your LAN Network with Gigabit connectivity
Give me a Call I have the solution
PAT Testing180

Portable Appliance Testing (also known as PAT Testing) is a way of checking your electrical equipment to see if it is SAFE.

Although not specifically a legal requirement, Portable Appliance Testing is a very necessary part of your organisation's Health and Safety regime. It doesn't matter whether you're a sole trader or a large multi-national corporation; if you use electrical equipment in your business, then you have a responsibility to make sure it is safe.

Contact Me to discuss your needs>>>

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